Who would have ever imagined that a birthday gift request from a ten year old would result in a creative idea for a successful business? I have my beautiful niece to thank for requesting a bath bomb as a gift in August of 2016, which led to the development of Sassy Bubbles, a factory of love that hand makes deliciously smelling and adorable bath bombs. As a single mom of two amazing young kids, I was struggling to make ends meet. With the generous help of a loving mentor, a stranger I reached out to for help, I was given secret recipes to start a new business. I will forever be grateful to her for her generous heart to help out a fellow single mom get back on her feet.

My creative muses, my amazing kids, get the final word on yea or nay for production. If they think it’s cute or cool, I move forward with the idea. And thankfully, I am greeted with nonstop compliments at every event on how adorable the products are, and that they look almost edible. I also listen very closely to feedback shoppers provide as well, and I have incorporated their advice in the development of the line because I realize I am ultimately producing product for them. As a result, we have developed a loyal base of customers. All of our bath bombs fizz, foam and bubble, and have coconut oil. Women especially love our Bubble Bath Truffles because they also contain cocoa butter, so they make for a very moisturizing bubble bath. Kids love our Truffles because they look like ice cream scoops. Our Truffles are served in ice cream cups or as shakes with a great luffa. Our shows stopper with kids are our Rubber Duck Bath Bombs, which have a cupcake base, with an adorable rubber duck topping for great bubble bath and moisturizing fun. Our Bath Bomb Bundt Cakes and Donut Cakes make perfect birthday gifts. Our Sweet Fizzy Roll make a great gift because it includes the top six of our delicious nine scents: Lemon Verbena, Raspberry Boom, Cherry Almond, Ocean Waves, Cucumber/Melon, Georgia Peach, Mango/Mandarin, Lavender/Pomegranates and my personal favorite, Coconut/Lime. Our newest addition have been our Shower Steamers, for an amazing aromatherapy shower. We recognize that not everyone takes the time to pamper themselves with a bubble bath (although they should), but they still desire some pampering in their shower. Our Shower Steamers come in a variety of scents as well, but also include Peppermint and Eucalyptus/Mint for those days we need an extra little help clearing our sinuses with the natural steam of the shower. Our Bubbling Bath Salts fizz like bath bombs. Sassy Bubbles was selected as semi-finalist for the Texas Works Awards in 2018, and won Second Place, People’s Choice Award at Zest Fest 2020.

Sassy Bubbles is a GoTexan member, and participates annually in the GoTexan Pavilion, General Store at the State Fair of Texas. Sassy Bubbles is a regular at the Dallas Gift Markets in January and June, so come visit us in the temporary section on the 12th floor, if you have a business.

We are very thankful for our loyal customer base.

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